Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet by Tim Trono

Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet by Tim Trono

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The greatest Card To Wallet is back and better than ever. Get ready to perform a signed Card To Wallet without any palming. No need for sports coats or deep pockets because everything happens out in the open. This is The Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet by Tim Trono.

Here’s what happens:

Have your audience freely select any card from the deck. It is then lost and shuffled into the pack. Make a magical gesture and announce that the card has vanished from the deck and is now inside your wallet that has been lying on the table since the very beginning of the trick. Open your wallet and reveal that inside is another folded wallet with a zippered compartment. Inside the zippered compartment is a single playing card, and impossibly it is the same card your volunteer signed a moment ago.

The Mullica Wallet is the favorite Card To Wallet of professionals around the globe for not only how impossible the double wallet revelation is but how easy this effect is to perform. No palming is required, and the routine possibilities with The Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet are endless. In addition to the signed card routine, you’ll learn Nick Locapo’s impossible card revelation, where a freely named card is discovered inside the interior wallet.

These wallets have been redesigned from the ground up to be easy to use, stylish, and durable. Available in two styles genuine leather and vegan leather. Both come furnished with high-quality zippers and an instructional video where Nick Locapo teaches you multiple handlings. The Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet is perfect for beginners because the load is so easy it’s impossible not to build confidence in your magic every time you perform it.

Pros will love the exacting standards it has been made to so that it functions comfortably as an everyday carry and still operates reliably as the finale to your favorite card routine. Level up your card magic with a touch of class when you start performing with The Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet by Tim Trono.

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