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Superimpose Magic Trick by Craig Petty

Superimpose Magic Trick by Craig Petty

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Vanish three cards from the deck and then make them reappear between the aces. Vanish them again and make them reappear printed onto those same aces! Take the Collectors plot to an incredible new level with Craig Petty’s Superimpose.

Here’s what happens:

Four aces are fairly removed from the deck, shown on both sides and placed under a spectator's finger. Your audience selects three cards. Those cards get lost in the deck, where they vanish without a trace. You then spread the aces that have been under their finger since the beginning of the trick, and impossibly, the selected cards have appeared interlaced between the aces. To kick it up a notch, you place the selected cards face-up in a face-down deck this time. The audience squares the cards, and then the deck is spread to show the selections have immediately vanished. The Aces are spread again and somehow, the selected cards appear to have been printed onto the Aces, and these cards are immediately examinable.

Superimpose is a crazy kicker ending to the classic Collector’s plot created by Roy Walton. You receive specially printed and treated cards that make this trick nearly self-working. The gimmicked cards make the vanishes and appearances squeaky clean. Superimpose is super easy to perform, and the kicker ending is something even magicians don’t see coming. Don’t just collect the selections; start fusing them into the impossible with Superimpose by Craig Petty.

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