Split Ends Magic Card Trick by John Shack

Split Ends Magic Card Trick by John Shack

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Watch a card visually twist itself so that the outside edges are now the middle of the card. This wild gimmick creates an inverted playing card that will drive your audience wild. This is Split Ends by John Shack.

Split Ends is a gimmicked card that visually pops itself inside out. What looks like an ordinary playing card suddenly transforms, so the outside edges are now the middle. Just give the self-working gimmick a toss, and it transforms in mid-air. Along with the amazing gimmick, you’ll learn three routines from The P3 Magic Crew that you can start performing right away.

Ambitious With A Twist
The main handling, created by David Newell, has an audience member select a card. The selected card is lost in the middle of the deck and then magically jumps to the top. The card gets lost in the middle of the deck again. Then, with a snap of the fingers, the selected card not only rises to the top of the deck but also jumps off the top of the deck and inverts itself. The inverted card is then given away to the audience members as a souvenir.

Alternate Handling
Nick Popa teaches a fun alternative handling to Ambitious With A Twist that transforms the inverted card back into an ordinary card so that you can keep your examinable cards for many more performances.

Inverted TNR
Dalton Wayne finishes up the project by teaching a super easy torn and restored card using the examinable cards. A selected card is torn length-wise, and then the magician uses a lighter to weld the pieces back together inverted, creating an impossible souvenir.

When you purchase Split Ends, not only do you receive the innovative Split Ends gimmick, but also receive 7 specially printed examinable inverted cards so that your audience can take home an impossible object after your performance. Split Ends unique gimmick is easy to reset, built to last, and creates a wild visual that will have your audiences screaming. Turn your card magic inside out with Split Ends by John Shack.

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