Smooth Magic Trick by Nicholas Lawrence

Smooth Magic Trick by Nicholas Lawrence

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You see a chapstick melt through a dollar. You see it melt back out. And then you can examine everything... and finally your brain melts. I mean.. what do you say after seeing something like that??

Now here's why this is my favorite pocket trick of all time.

1. The penetration looks better than ANYTHING similar that has come before it. Even before I get to the other reasons, this already makes it the best. You have to see it to believe it. Just spectacular.

2. Pen-through dollar was my #1 favorite pocket trick for years. Then, when Chris Smith's Ignition came out, I preferred that because it uses a car-key, and it's way more natural to have a car key than a pen these days.

BUT NOW though, this uses a lip balm, which is EVEN MORE normal to have on you, and for any age of magician (kids with car keys looks fishy).

3. You don't SLAM it through, like you have to with other penetration tricks. You MELT it through.. it looks like a special effect in slow motion.

4. The gimmick is easier to handle than any pen-version before it.

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