Simon Says Magic Trick (Celebrity Edition) by Simon Lipkin

Simon Says Magic Trick (Celebrity Edition) by Simon Lipkin

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Imagine walking up to a spectator, and instead of asking them to pick a card, you have them pick a person. Disguised as a party game where people guess celebrities, this marked deck of cards provides you with the tools to perform very direct mind reading that will blow your audience away. Get inside their head with Simon Says by Simon Lipkin.

Simon Says is accompanied by an instructional video featuring three incredible routines directly from Simon Lipkin’s working repertoire.

The Game
You introduce a brand new party game you bought. It’s a deck of cards with the names of celebrities and iconic descriptions of those celebrities below their name. The idea is you have to describe the celebrity to another player without using the descriptions written on the card, and they guess which celebrity you are thinking of. You then show them that you have learned to play the game with your psychic powers. Another spectator removes any celebrity from the pack that they wish, and without asking them any questions, you are able to immediately tell them the exact celebrity they are holding. Best of all, you can instantly repeat the trick.

Truth Or Lie
A presentation using body reading and micro-expression reading that gives you the ability to know when someone is telling the truth or a lie. They think of a celebrity from the deck, and you read their reactions and reveal the name they are thinking of. Simon shares with you all the tips to make this reading believable and powerful.

One Ahead
You have your audience sign a billet, then you make a prediction, and then they select a celebrity out of the deck. This procedure is repeated with three different spectators, with you always writing your prediction before they cut the deck. They memorize the celebrities they cut to. In the end, you reveal that you successfully predicted not only the celebrities they would think of, but which spectator thought of which famous person.

Along with the routines, Simon will teach you a ton of little tips on double writing, the one ahead principle, and loads of presentational tips that you can apply to all of your mentalism. Simon Says uses a diabolical marking system that uses intuitive, easy-to-read marks that hide in plain sight. The moment you understand how it works, you’ll be able to instantly know the identity of the celebrity on the face of the card without any complicated memorization systems or the need to hide a crib. Simon teaches you a straightforward mind-reading routine you’ll love to perform, but almost any card trick can be adapted to the Simon Says deck, making your magic truly unique. The best part is that it doubles as the actual game it’s masquerading as! When you are done blowing minds, you also have a fun party game that will provide hours of entertainment.

Perform the impossible with a deck that’s destined to be famous when you perform Simon Says by Simon Lipkin.

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