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On the Rise Magic Trick by Casshan Wallace

On the Rise Magic Trick by Casshan Wallace

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The most visual Ambitious Card Penn & Teller have ever seen can now be what you use to put your audience’s jaw on the floor. Make a signed card visually appear on top of a deck you aren’t even holding. From the mind of one of the most creative cats in magic comes a card trick you have to see to believe. This is on The Rise by Casshan Wallace.

Here’s what happens:

Your audience selects a card from the deck. It goes in the middle and impossibly jumps to the top of the deck. To ensure there are no duplicates, the card is signed, and then the audience pushes it into the middle of the deck, and it jumps to the top. In a final and frankly insane moment, the card is placed face-up in the middle of the deck. The deck is put on the table or even the ground. Then at the magician’s command, the signed card visually appears on top of the deck and then can be given away as a souvenir.

On The Rise is a special gimmick that you put into your deck and then use to create stunningly visual Ambitious Card miracles. There are no electronics, and the gimmicks are easy to use. In addition to the On The Rise gimmick, you get multiple routines that are some of the most visual examples of The Ambitious Card plot that have ever been created. You’ll receive the main routine, as well as bonus handlings, including the version Cash did on Fool Us, where he made the signed card appear underneath the cellophane on the outside of the card box. The gimmicks are amazing, and you’ll learn some new Ambitious Card sequences that are so clean your audience will think you can control the fabric of time. If you need something visual, get on the ground floor with Casshan Wallace and prepare to get explosive reactions with On The Rise.

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