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Magic Card Trick Tutorial - Simple Double Color Change Digital Download

Magic Card Trick Tutorial - Simple Double Color Change Digital Download

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In this video magic card trick tutorial I will be teaching you how to perform the card trick called the Simple Double Color Change where the magician has a spectator select any card in a regular deck of cards, the magician then loses the card in the deck and with a magic tap, the magician spreads out all the cards in the deck and reveals that the back color of one card has changed color.  The magician reveals that the card that changed color is the spectators freely chosen card. The magician places the different colored card on the table and then repeats the trick by having the spectator select another card. The magician  then loses the second chosen card in the deck just as before and gives the deck a magic tap.  The magician then spreads out the deck of cards looking for a card to have changed color however the only card on the table that is a different color was the previously selected card which when revealed has now changed into the second chosen card. This is a great magic card trick and uses a regular deck of cards and one indifferent card with a different colored back, and a few beginner sleight of hand moves to make the trick work. With a little practice, this trick can amaze an audience.

The tutorial video is completely commercial free with no interruptions. The video running time is 8 minutes 15 seconds and is available as a digital download so you can save it to your device and watch it anywhere you’d like without having to worry about having an internet connection. These downloads are perfect for long car rides, flights, or anywhere you are and would like to learn a cool magic trick.


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