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Level Up Magic Trick by Craig Petty

Level Up Magic Trick by Craig Petty

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You introduce a small, hard-sided case that holds game cartridges from one of the most popular gaming devices on the planet. You select a couple of cartridges and proceed to perform a mind-bending flurry of transpositions. Cartridges jump from hand to hand, changing places even though your spectator is holding them. The labels transform colors. At the end, you can even hand the cartridges out to be examined.

You receive specially designed and constructed cartridges that allow you to perform amazing coin-magic-style effects with these fascinating and relatable props. The custom-designed hard-sided case that protects your props and makes them easy to carry around is included, as is an instructional video with Craig Petty that teaches multiple easy-to-perform routines. Level Up opens up huge possibilities for restaurant workers and table hoppers who want to take their tried and true coin routines and create relatable presentations that will grab the attention of the next generation. Be the boss when you perform Level Up by Craig Petty.

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