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Going Up Magic Trick by Sean Ridgeway

Going Up Magic Trick by Sean Ridgeway

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You display four cards, one of which is the King of Hearts. The cards are spread so you can see each individual one, with the King on the bottom. With just a shake, the King visually jumps to the second position. Then the third, and with a wave, it rises all the way to the top of the packet.

Going Up is astonishingly easy. There are no moving parts; the special gaff cards do almost all of the work for you. This remarkable effect is perfect for the beginner, but the experts will love the ingenious design. Printed on Maiden Back playing cards by the United States Playing Card Company, this is the perfect trick to carry around in your wallet or purse. Take the Ambitious Card to the next level when you perform Going Up by Sean Ridgeway.

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