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Con Cam Monte Magic Trick by R. Paul Wilson

Con Cam Monte Magic Trick by R. Paul Wilson

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You tell your audience that you will show them how the classic three-card Monte scam works, and shockingly, it has a secret fourth card that lets you win the game. Three black Eights and a red Queen are shown to the audience. One of the black eights is placed off to the side; a spectator can even hold it in their hands for safekeeping. The remaining two black Eights and the red Queen are slowly and deliberately mixed face down on the table. Impossibly, whenever the audience thinks it knows where the Queen is, it trades places with an eight. You let them in on the secret that the queen can transform into an Eight and even become double-sided in an eye-popping sequence of transformations. The Queen jumps from the middle position to the bottom and then vanishes from the packet entirely, which is counted fairly to show they are all Eights. In an unbelievable ending, when they open their hands, the Eight they have been holding onto since the very beginning is discovered to be the Queen.

Con Cam Monte comes with a unique gaff card that makes the routine tremendously easy to perform. The moves are simple and require almost no sleight of hand. Con Cam Monte comes with everything you need to perform straight away, and a tutorial featuring R. Paul Wilson teaching all of the secrets you need to make this Monte routine get big reactions. Take this classic swindle to new heights with Con Cam Monte by R. Paul Wilson.

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