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Airport AirPods Magic Trick by Seth Race

Airport AirPods Magic Trick by Seth Race

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Airport by Seth Race takes what looks like one of the most recognizable products in the world and allows you to do the impossible. Airport is innocent looking and takes virtually no pocket space. In fact, you don't need to carry it in your pocket when you can wear them like your everyday headphones. For many people in the world this is an everyday carry but now you can show them a feature they never knew was possible.

With Airport you can perform appearances, vanishes, transpositions and so much more. Imagine, placing the Airport in your hand, vanishing it to discover it is now in your ear. The Airport gimmick allows you to perform impossible vanishes by just closing your hand. There has never been a gimmick like this on the market capable of doing this much.

For many of the effects the gimmick does almost all of the work. Guest teacher Garrett Thomas will share easy ways to perform with the Airport gimmick along with advance ideas he has come up with.

You receive
-Carrying case gimmick
-Gimmicked Airport
-Ungimmicked Airport
-Expert instruction and bonus ideas from Garrett Thomas

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