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52 on Wand - Free Magic Digital Download

52 on Wand - Free Magic Digital Download

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Here is a free digital download to use in the classical 52 on 1 force card reveal magic trick. The file can be printed and rolled up to look like a magic wand.  These can be used as a cheap marketing tool to help a magician get more business.  The digital download includes a Word file that is editable so you can add your contact information, and a print ready pdf file.

The effect:  A spectator from the audience is asked to select a card in a regular deck of cards. The magician then loses the spectators card in the deck and with a wave of the magicians hand he attempts to find the selected card but is unsuccessful. The magician then pulls out a magic wand and then thinks the wand may be able to help find the selected card.  With a wave of the wand and a tap of the cards the magician is still unsuccessful in finding the selected card. The magician remembers that maybe the wand will help find the card in another way. The magic wand is then unrolled and printed on the inside of the wand is every playing card in the deck. The magician then asks the spectator if they see their card printed and of course they do. The magician then turns the paper over and the spectators chosen card is then revealed by itself on the opposite side.  These make perfect handouts and a cheap marketing tool for magicians. The downloaded files can be printed on both sides of one sheet of paper and then rolled up and rubber banded so the paper now looks like a magic wand. There are two digital files, one pdf version that is print ready and a Microsoft Word version that can be customized to add the magicians contact information. 

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