5 Gaff Card Set - Magic Cards - Video Instructions Included

5 Gaff Card Set - Magic Cards - Video Instructions Included

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You get 5 Bicycle Rider Back gaff cards. 1-Red/Red Double Back, 1-Blue/Blue Double Back, 1-Blue/Red Double Back, 1-Blue Back/Blank Face, and 1-Red Back/Blank Face. These cards are printed by The U.S. Playing Card Co. specifically to be used by magicians for magic tricks.  

With this set you can use the gaff cards to perform simple magic tricks like Card to Wallet, Easy Color Change, This One 3.0, Easy Three Card Monte, Subconscious, and Card to Egg.  Each set comes with a link to the YouTube tutorials so you can learn these tricks for free or you can also find the free tutorials at the following links:

Magic Card Trick Tutorial - Easy Card To Wallet - How To Make A Selected Card Appear In Your Wallet

Easy Color Change 🪄 Simple Beginner Magic Card Trick Tutorial

Subconscious - The Perfect Opening Act For A Close Up Routine - Magic Card Trick Tutorial

This One 3.0 - Magic Card Tricks Tutorial

Easy 4 Card Transposition - Magic Card Trick Tutorial

Magic Card Trick Tutorial - Easy Three Card Monte

Easy Card To Egg - Easter Magic Card Tricks Tutorial

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