YouTube Magic Tutorial - Jumping Gemini - Sleight Of Hand Magic Card Trick Tutorial

YouTube Magic Tutorial - Jumping Gemini - Sleight Of Hand Magic Card Trick Tutorial

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Learn an easier version of the trick the Jumping Gemini where cards in a pack of four transform from different cards and then finally into the four jokers in this magic card trick tutorial using sleight of hand with step by step instructions.

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Card tricks are the most common type of magic performed today. Card tricks in particular allow magicians to perform deft sleights of hand, which amaze and amuse audiences of all ages. There are so many impressive card tricks that can be performed with just a deck of cards than with any other prop.
While learning some simple card tricks can be a fun way to pass the time with loved ones, there is much more to the art of magic than just amusement. Once you've mastered the basics of card magic, you can move on to more complex illusions using sleight of hand to truly amaze your audience.
I have been teaching magic ever since I was a teenager to people of all ages and skill levels at my local magic shop. If there is a specific magic tutorial you would like to see please let me know in the comments.
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