Self Tying Shoelace Magic Trick by Jay Noblezada

Self Tying Shoelace Magic Trick by Jay Noblezada

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Walk down a busy street with your shoe untied. Complete strangers will INTERRUPT you to tell you your shoe is untied EVERY FEW SECONDS.

You didn't ask for the attention. It just happened... But being born to perform is being ready when the spotlight finds you.

So you smile, make eye contact with your spectators, and give your foot a little shake. Your shoelaces start to snap back and forth, criss-crossing...

If you could move your foot in just the right way you might actually be able to tie your shoelaces without even touching them...

You give your foot another little shake and this time you get it just right.

To the astonishment of your spectators, YOUR SHOELACES visually TIE THEMSELVES!

The best part is, it's a REAL knot and bow! Your spectators can inspect till their hearts are content!

Why STS?

    • EASY to perform!
    • BREAKS the ICE!
    • Can be done with ANY pair of shoes that has laces!
    • Can be performed FULLY SURROUNDED!
    • Ultra-fast 3 sec RESET!
    • Your shoe and shoelaces are left FULLY INSPECTABLE!

Jay Noblezada's Self Tying Shoelace includes a detailed Instruction Booklet with outstanding illustration!

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